MolinaeBianchi CD 7 Rough Milling Poundding Machines

Computerized automatic machine for shoe bottom.

Thanks to its digital controls, the machine performs pounding operations perfectly into each shoe bottom.
• Roller movement that imitates the moves a shoemaker makes with a shoe on the roller of a traditional pounding machine.
• Suitable for high production requirements, with heels up to a height of 110
• Self-learning of the last profile divided into 60 points distributed over the last.
• Last pressure of the pounding roll varying from point to point.
• Programmable speed of the pounding roll.
• Pounding roll cleaning in frequency and time.
• Roller inclination that are automatically determined by the computer on the basis of shoe profile.
Power supply Trifase 400V
Power Absorbed 4,3 Kw
Dimensions 100 ( l ) x 85 ( p ) x 160 ( h )
Net Weight 500Kg