MolinaeBianchi CD 3 TS Roughing Cementing Machines Featured

Roughing and cementing machine
CD3 TS2 at two working stations roughs and cements the bot- BDF
tom of the shoe.
The two operations are carried out simultaneously thanks to the presence of two working heads.
CD3 TS2 presents the following features:
• 15-inch touch screen monitor, in ergonomic position.
• Windows updated operating system, universal communication
• Data rescue system and updates by USB support
• Real opportunity of remote assistance
• Speed setting for the rotation of the roughing brush
• Roughing brush following the three-dimensional traced path
• Quick brush change
• Internal system for dust collection
• Motorization updated with software for the encoder reading
• Point by point programmable speed of the cementing brush rotation
• Photocell to unlock the last, without manual intervention
• Exclusive application of a external anthropomorphic arm, on request, for the self-learning that transmits the profile data to the machine, with the opportunity of memorizing
a new program, while the machine is working, even from a external unity, for instance a computer in the office, and subsequently sent to the machine via Ethernet.
Power supply Trifase 400V
Power Absorbed 4,3 Kw
Dimensions 100 ( l ) x 85 ( p ) x 160 ( h )
Net Weight 500Kg