MolinaeBianchi CD 10 HF2 Rough Milling Poundding Machines Featured

CD10 HF2 is an automatic computerized machine to pound the bottom and the heel seat of the shoe at
two working stations.
It allows to work simultaneously on both the right and left lasts thanks to the presence of two working heads.
The pounding of the bottom occurs thanks to a roll that, thanks to its particular structure, is suitable for the pounding of any kind of material, from the finest and most delicate to the thickest and hardest ones.
The pounding of the heel seat occurs on a wiper heated by two independent rolls that guarantee to recover the edge of the last both on right and left shoes.
CD10 HF2 presents the following features:
• 15-inch touch screen monitor, in ergonomic position.
• Windows updated operating system, universal communication
• Data rescue system and updates by USB support
• Real opportunity of remote assistance, teleservice, teamviewer
• Speed setting for the rotation and pressure of the pounding tool.
• Pounding tool inclination determined automatically.
• Memorization of a new program while the machine is on the production phase.
• Motorization updated with software for the encoder reading.
• Photocell to unlock the last, without manual intervention Internal system for dust collection.
• Specific internal aspirator for the working leftovers (optional), model TP4
Power supply Trifase 400V
Power Absorbed 4,3 Kw
Dimensions 100 ( l ) x 85 ( p ) x 160 ( h )
Net Weight 500Kg