Delta CB Flattening Machine Featured

evelling and edging; matrix with oscillating hammer to impress the heel seat and make the seat pounding. The machine grants to get a perfect coupling of the heel with its seat, thus improving considerably the shoe quality. The levelling system by plate allows to work any shoe size without replacing the plate. Even men’s shoes can be worked as also longer plates can be assembled.

 The rollers, to be easily interchanged, can have different inclinations at 30°, 35°, 40°, 45°.
The working system by oscillating hammer involves the use of matrixes which must have exactly the same shape of heel to be attached. Each matrix can work two heel sizes. The matrixes are supplied separately and the complete series of heels must be supplied to the manufacture to prepare the needed set of matrixes.
This machine is equipped with a soundproof cabin having door with automatic upward movement, which doesen’t slow down thevworking cycle and allows the noise level up to 83DbA.


  • Mechanical and adjustable pounding system, granting to avoid an axcessive compressed air consumption.
  • The oscillating hammer width and stroke can be easily adjusted.
  • A quick replacement of complete groups grants the passage from one working cycle to the other.
  • The levelling pressure and the hammer thrust pressure can be adjusted.
  • The roller translation speed and the shoe rotation can be adjusted and are controlled by an oleopneumatic system.
  • The heated levelling plate temperature can be adjusted.
  • The machine operates on eletronic sequence controlled by PLC.
  • The articulated stand allows an easy introduction of boots.
  • The maximum noise level is kept at 83 DbA thanks to the soundproof cabin.
  • Dimensions WxDxH: mm: 800x1120x1740
  • Weight: kg: 510
  • Electric supply: Volt/Ph/Hz: 380/220-3-50/60
  • Absorbed power: kW: 1,7
  • Air waste per cycle about: I: 20
  • Pairs production: 8 h.: 1000/1500
  • Pneumatic feeding: bar: 6


mod Delta CB